Napier City Council has voted to keep its Easter Sunday Trading Policy without any amendments.

The policy is required to be reviewed every five years, with the current policy allowing individual retailers to open if they choose.

Recent community consultation resulted in 178 submissions with 118 submissions supporting council’s preferred option of the policy being renewed with no amendment, and 60 not in support.

Other options put forward in the consultation were revoking the policy or amending or replacing the policy.

Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise said the Workers’ Choice Provision in the Shop Trading Hours Act meant the policy struck the right balance.

“We’re allowing retailers to benefit from what is usually a busy tourist weekend if they choose to. At the same time, workers’ rights are protected through employees having the right to refuse work on Easter Sunday without repercussions,” Wise said.

“Giving our retailers the option of opening on Easter Sunday also creates vibrancy in our inner city over the Easter weekend.”

Easter Sunday trading has been part of Napier’s retail scene since 2018. The policy will remain in place for another five years.

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