Anderson Park: Dangerous to dogs

What else can you conclude when you look at the recent media releases from Napier City Council.

Some of these are legacy issues. For some, the current Mayor and Council should be seeking the strongest possible penalties. All are downright embarrassing.

Swimming in Pandora Pond not advised until Sunday – potential contamination
Friday 5 February 2021

People are advised not to swim in Pandora Pond until 4.30pm Sunday afternoon in case it has been contaminated by an overflow from the Pandora industrial area yesterday.

Awatoto wastewater outfall repairs complete
Friday 5 February 2021

Editor: This, of course, is to enable continued dumping of ‘blessed’ wastewater into the Hawke Bay ecosystem (just like HDC). Is this the right long-term solution?]

Napier on Level Three water restrictions from today
Monday 25 January

Level Three water restrictions are in force in Napier from today. This means there is a total ban on sprinklers.

Dog owners: Keep dogs away from Anderson Park and all urban waterways
Wednesday 6 January 2021

Dog owners are warned to keep their pets away from the Anderson Park ponds and all other waterways in Napier until further notice.

Water restrictions in Napier start today
Monday 9 November 2020

An increase in water demand, a lack of decent rainfall, and predictions of a hot summer have all contributed to Napier City Council bringing in water restrictions for the city from today, 9 November.

NCC lays charges against Napier company for bylaw breach
14 October 2020

Napier City Council has filed a charge in the Napier District Court against a local company, alleging a breach of the Council’s Stormwater Bylaw 2020. [Editor: See top release. Slow learners]

More water needed for Napier city
12 October 2020

The increased water flow from restarting an existing bore could result in dirty water issues in some Napier suburbs and streets.

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  1. And the hydrochloride acid (1000 litres) late afternoon Friday. The company has been named in media. There needs to be a ‘fine’ system, as court prosecutions are costly and time-consuming for staff.

  2. & again more shocking news from Pandora in HB Today:
    “Chemical Spill, 1000 L of hydrochloric acid spilled from Galvanising HB in Thames St yesterday (5/2/21)…
    Public should avoid water contact at the Ahuriri Estuary”.

  3. Council is fiscally irresponsible , derelection of duty , they spend money on vanity projects , need to prioritize where our revenue is spent, Napier has a small rating base and large infrastructure to maintain , an accountant should know better , roll on elections October 2022 , PRIORITIZE SPENDING AND TARGET REVENUE TO NEEDS NOT WANTS ☹️

  4. The fact stems from many overseas criminologist, New Zealand is a young country, that of now has not been taught its own history.
    As a result from a 17 percent population, Maôri fill half our prisons.

    Historians Moana Jackson is unwell, as is Robert Consedine .
    Both Robert and Moana have to be replaced in HB. For close to 1000 days, former Mayor of New Plymouth, Àndrew Judd on his daily Facebook has worked his butt off “towards educating ignorant leadership” “in no way does Te Tiriti O Waitangi support Don Brash with his Hobsoñ Çhoiçe.”

    It must come from the leadership of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and The Ñapier City Council, the Whanau of Moana Jackson with Robert Consedine receive positive acknowledgement towards moving “US” in Hawke’s Bay from racism towàrds some enlightenment.

    With Tangata Whenua we now seek a kinder and fairer Nation.

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