Earlier this week we reported on a dump site discovered back in March in the Palmbrook Reserve and the Hastings Council’s slow motion response.

Here are photos taken this week of a second such site in the “Reserve”.

How does the Hastings Council parks and reserves team not notice these things, which are obviously years in the making? Let alone deal with them.

Who’s in charge?

Maybe we’d get more value for money paying citizen groups like this ‘Reserve’s’ Care Group to do the job instead of council staff.

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  1. This type of neglect was predicted several years ago when the HDC Parks & Reserves Department was restructured. The result was to contract out this work to a private company – Recreational Services. So they are no longer council’s direct employees – they will only do the work they are contracted to do!

  2. That’s a bit unfair, John. Locals were aware of this when the area was developed some twenty years ago, the dump itself, left over from the days it was a private orchard, was well covered in overgrowth and hidden away from the tracks and the old Parks and Reserves Dept. were content to let it lie at that stage.
    It is only in the past three or four years as the Council has developed the pathways in the gully area that the issue has surfaced again and is now being addressed.

  3. Agree Mike, best not de-vegetate the Karamu banks, or look into current horticultural pesticide boom in HB huh, bit touchy those?

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