Two of your comrades, Mate and Stevie Nicks, have escaped to permanent and loving safety, eluding the clutches of the Hastings (NZ) District Council. They will remain happily re-homed in Northland.

Months after an alarm sounded last year, with a petition drive led by Tania Thomson and son Jack eventually gathering over 1800 signatures, and advocacy by animal welfare activist Jessica Maxwell, the Hasting Council has thrown in the towel and will not seek to build a new cage for the suffering birds.

Finally heeding what Tania wrote in an email back in December: “I think it’s crazy for the Council to spend $75,000 making a bigger space and only because of two old parrots. Mate and Stevie Nicks have been poked at, prodded, taunted and teased for year and I think they deserve a bit of peace and quiet in their old age. And let’s not forget Chucky who was re-homed because of many public complaints.”

Dare we say ‘a feather in the cap’ to the Thomsons and Ms Maxwell!

BayBuzz wrote here about the parrots plight back in December, noting we were dubious about most animal captivity. If captivity doesn’t serve a clear life-saving or species preservation purpose, it’s simply indefensible. And this was clearly not the case with Stevie and Mate.

Knocked from their perch, it took HDC staff 13 pages to explain their U-turn on the matter, which could have been boiled down to two sentences: “We’ve stuffed up. We need to fix it.”

Top photo: Mate, obsessively biting cage wire

Bottom photo: Mate, rescued and re-homed

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