Every couple of years we do an informal online reader survey to help us in two ways:

  1. Identify improvements we can make to BayBuzz magazine and/or our online presence.
  2. Help better describe our BayBuzz community to advertisers and ‘would-be’ subscribers. (Yes, we need revenue!)

So it would be terrifically helpful if you would complete our 2018 BayBuzz Reader Survey.

Just 21 questions, but they’re comprehensive and will help us better understand what you like most (or least) about BayBuzz and how you engage with us.

Here’s that survey link again.

From past surveys, we know many ‘BayBuzz households’ contain more than one reader. So this year we are enabling two responses from each household … so you don’t have to fight over who gets to respond!

So please lend us a hand … take our 2018 BayBuzz Reader Survey here.

It’s a really important way you can help BayBuzz.

Thanks so much!

Tom Belford

Publisher & Editor

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