Back in April I posted here about comparison shopping for my retail electricity provider … and indeed making a switch.

So it’s way too soon to do a real financial gain/loss analysis, but two related items I’ve received lately give me some confidence that I made a good move.

First, here are the results from the latest Consumer NZ survey on satisfaction with electricity retailers. My previous provider didn’t do so well.

Regarding the lowest performer, Consumer NZ chief executive Jon Duffy noted, “Contact’s rating was considerably lower than the industry average of 52%. It’s the worst score for the company in the past four years.”

Second, I received the quirky email below from my new supplier. It provided me a ‘Goat Analysis’ of our household’s recent electricity consumption. I grant you, this is not a precision Deloitte report, but it got our attention and prodded us to consider offsetting our power use. This is the way power retailers should be talking to power consumers. Imagine them all urging us to use less of their product and showing us how!

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  1. Hi Tom, we are with Flick too, on their Home Harvest tariff, as we have solar too. I reckon our annual savings are over $1000 per year, or about 50% of our original costs, just by using power off peak.We are currently selling all we can back to the grid at 25c/ Kwh! And then using power at night to heat hot water. Better than a battery! As you, we are a two person “retired” household.

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