Stuart Nash weighs options on where to get jab

Aha … you clicked on this! Aren’t you embarrassed?

Actually, I’m glad you did, because I want to make a point, actually two.

First, there are 28 locations in Hawke’s Bay where you can get a ‘walk-in’ vaccination on Saturday the 16th, probably in the arm — here are the locations. Please do so if you’re not yet vaccinated.

Second, what is ‘news’ anyway?

The Spinoff, billed as a ‘news’ source, ran a titillating feature with photo this week on Labour MP Stuart Nash getting his second jab shirtless.

And then launched an impassioned appeal for reader donations to underwrite its quality ‘journalism’.

Not to miss a good thing, NZ Herald then decided to reprint the article in its ‘Top Stories’ evening ‘news’ feed.

Personally, as long as he got it, I don’t care if Nash got his vaccinations in his deltoid, penis or between his toes.

But I guess it’s ‘news’ like this that draws eyeballs.

Unlike stories on NZ’s crumbling infrastructure … its paralyzed global supply chains … the Government’s timidity on climate change … or the rest of the cracked and shaky foundation on which NZ’s ‘clean, green’ image relies and on which its international brand (and food exports) depends. Our ‘brand’ is literally a matter of national security.

If you’re not familiar with the issues justifying that last statement, blame NZ’s mainstream media and read about Nash’s jab instead.

I have little doubt this article will get more reads than anything else Baybuzz publishes this October. If I’m right, we might just use this same headline for all our articles … maybe just occasionally changing the person involved for variety.


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