Climb it, drive it, ride it, build it, dress up in it! You name it, the Havelock North Plunket Toy Library probably has one.

We all know how toys get discarded once the novelty wears off, filling up the toy box and wardrobe spaces, so to be able to swap a toy with a new one every couple of weeks means saving money and the environment, as unloved toys generally get sent to the landfill.

Toy Library sessions usually occur on the first and third Saturday of the month from 9.30 to 11am with a great range of toys, games, puzzles and educational resources from manufacturers all over the world. It is an affordable way to add variety and interest to your child’s play.

[Note: Pre-Christmas, play sessions will be Saturday, December 5 & 19 at the Havelock North Plunket Rooms (Mackersey Pavilion).]

Play is essential to a child’s progression and the way children play changes as they develop new skills, experience new things and evolve into active beings. You can support them in learning through play at every stage by joining a toy library with age-specific toys and games.

Havelock North Plunket Toy Library is not-for-profit coming under the umbrella of the Plunket Society and run entirely by committed volunteers whose aim is to promote and encourage the value of learning through play. New toys are paid for from fundraising, although donations of good quality, good condition toys are very welcome. There is an annual fee with no additional toy hire charges and all new families are encouraged to join the toy library committee on some level.

The local toy library is a community that welcomes children, their families and caregivers to come and borrow well designed-educational toys, games, puzzles and equipment that will aid children to develop their imagination, encourage sharing and improve their overall development.

Anna Ward of the Havelock North Plunket Toy Library committee says, “You will be warmly welcomed when you visit — our opening hours are 9.30am-11am every first and third Saturday of the month.  Please come and have a chat, check out our toys and become involved with other local families.”

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