Unison Networks (Unison) is launching a digital safety education programme – via a new animated and interactive online programme for schools – to increase awareness of safety around electricity.

Unison has delivered its face-to-face ‘Safe Sparks’ programme in schools for more than 21 years, helping children understand the dangers of electricity.

Every year Unison visits primary schools across its Hawke’s Bay, Taupō and Rotorua areas, with more than 4,800 children having participated in the programme in the last three years.

‘Safe Sparks’ covers topics such as identifying electricity in the home, understanding how it is made, and developing skills to stay safe around it.

It also includes important information on Unison’s electrical assets in the community such as power poles, lines and boxes.

The digital Safe Sparks programme will serve as a valuable resource for schoolteachers to introduce children to electricity safety or as a refresher in between visits from Unison’s in-person Safe Sparks team.

It is accessible, free of charge for all primary schools in Unison’s Hawke’s Bay, Taupō and Rotorua network regions.

Unison Group General Manager People, Safety and Culture, Rachel Masters said with the increasing use of technology in education and the restrictions Covid-19 brought, Unison saw the opportunity to bring its important safety messages to school children in a new and interactive way. Designed for both younger and older children, the digital programme can be completed as a class activity or individually.

“Electricity safety is a serious matter, and we believe that educating children at a young age saves lives. We hope that by making this programme available digitally, we can reach even more children with our safety messages,” Masters said. 

“We encourage all primary schools in our areas to take advantage of this free resource and help us create a safer community.” 

To learn more about and request access to Unison’s new digital Safe Sparks programme, visit www.unison.co.nz/safesparks.


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