First of all, let us highly compliment whoever conceived and designed the new informational booklet — Your Guide to Reducing Waste — distributed by the Hastings District Council to local residents.

It is exceptionally clear and informative … and even fun to read through. A marvel of infographics. A true trash collector’s treasure!

Browse through this and every question you’ve ever had about the “what’s and wherefore’s” of your trash collection and recycling will be answered.

Did you know that aluminium cans are sorted by an eddy current separator and are literally ejected off the line onto another conveyor belt? Well now you do … and there’s so much more to convert you to a trash junkie!

Now … for the warning.

You might not realise that your personal wheelie bin is ‘chipped’ … kind of like your dog or cat.


Because over 60% of what goes into our bins could be recycled or composted, instead of overwhelming our landfill, potentially creating environmental hazard and increasing costs to ratepayers.

Here’s what the booklet says:

“Each bin has an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) tag, which gives us data on how often the bin is collected. Moving forward we’ll be looking at how we can provide an incentive to reward residents who only generate small volumes of waste and put their bins out less often.”

In other words, HDC is silently compiling your household’s trash profile … and eventually you BIG DUMPERS are going to pay more than ECO-RESIDENTS for that dubious ‘privilege’.

Can’t happen soon enough as far as BayBuzz is concerned! And you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Eat your heart out, Napier!

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  1. What an interesting challenge lies ahead, in seeing how long it takes to fill the landfill bin!
    My personal landfill waste has, for some months, been reduced to go into a bread bag week by week. It has been an equally interesting learning curve over recent years adapting to ever-improving re-using, recycling, repurposing options, and taking pride in caring for our own environment. We’re all in this together.

  2. The wheelie bins and recycle bins are a disaster for us elderly who have to take these items down a very long drive to the street. It now means 2 wheelbarrow trips and another trip for the wheelie bin. I used to be able to do it all in one wheelbarrow trip. It is much easier for me to pile it all in the trunk of my hatchback and take it to the tip myself every three weeks or so.

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