From this week, Hello Cups will be available in all Countdown stores across the country, another gong for the Napier-made menstrual cup brand.

Hello Cup co-founder and Hawke’s Bay resident Robyn McLean says the move by the supermarket chain is further evidence that cups are growing in popularity. 

“This bold step from Countdown really represents how mainstream sustainable period products are becoming. For so many reasons, menstrual cups are increasingly the preference of people with periods in New Zealand, who recognise the enormous benefits a cup brings. One cup replaces five years’ worth of tampons and pads, so using a cup is not only brilliant for the wallet, it’s also saving 2,000 tampons and pads from landfill.”

Hello Cups are made from a soft, flexible, fully recyclable medical grade plastic, and manufactured in Napier. Countdown will stock two sizes and two colours in packaging that makes the cups clearly visible, allowing shoppers to see the product and the difference between sizes before they buy. 

At an RRP of $41.99, Robyn says throwing a Hello Cup into the trolley at Countdown makes great financial sense. “No more racing down the road to stock up on tampons because your period has started!” she says. “Making a considered Hello Cup purchase saves a whole lot of stress, and a whole heap of money long term. Imagine never having to buy another tampon or pad! 

“More than anything, we’re delighted that Countdown is continuing to normalise periods and period products on its shelves. Periods are nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. We think it’s fantastic that Hello Cups are now part of Countdown’s offering, so that sustainable period products can continue to be part of the conversation – and part of the solution when it comes to a healthier planet.”

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