With Christmas on its way, Alex and George from Project DO LESS share their top tips to help us do less, and as a result, do more for our environment.

Step 1. Slow Down

Don’t do so much, slow down, and enjoy the moments with your family and friends. If you’re taking the time to savour the moments, you’re less likely to create waste and more likely to create memories.

Step 2. Adopt new planet-friendly traditions

Start something new in your family or community that’s kind on the planet. Create a tradition that inspires others. Icelanders gift books so religiously at Christmas, it’s now known as the Christmas Book Flood. 

Step 3. Be conscious of your Christmas Crackers

Instead of buying Crackers that only end up in the Christmas rubbish bag, make your own from last year’s wrapping paper and recycling, or buy some that have been made with love and quality sustainable materials.

Step 4. Buy local and buy well

Make conscientious choices that are good for you and the community, like buying locally-made and long-lasting gifts. A wooden toy from Hohepa will last a lifetime longer than a trendy plastic toy that’s made in China.  

Step 5. Give something that reduces waste

Use Christmas as an opportunity to help your friends and family do less. Gift presents that reduce waste, like a Keep Cup or reusable water bottle. Buying someone a benchtop compost bin might inspire their journey.  

Step 6. Don’t wrap your presents with rubbish

Wrap your presents with recycled paper or beeswax paper. Or better yet, try Furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping) which is just as fun as Origami. You can even use a tea towel or table cloth, which becomes part of the gift. 

Step 7. Use up your leftovers

Turn your leftover Christmas cake into a Boozy Ice Cream Sunday. Break the cake into chunks and line a dish and pour over some liquer followed by a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Finish with a leftover Christmas chocolate ganache (just add cream) and whatever toppings you can find.

Step 8. Gift homemade

Make your presents with love. You don’t have to be a talented crafter, it can be as simple as  some baking or preserves with local seasonal produce. Either way, you get to skip the queues and get festive at home!

Step 9. Give your time

Bring back the voucher books you made as a kid, and offer to Babysit for a friend, or volunteer to help where it’s needed most. By giving a day in the garden to your mum, she gets quality time and a tidy garden.

Step 10. Do your research

Try not to buy from brands that aren’t sustainable. It’s easy to find products that are good for the planet, they’ll tell you. Support those that support the environment, and do a little research if you’re not sure.

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