Hawke’s Bay’s flagship biennial exhibition, EAST 2020, opened to the general public on Friday evening, 20 Nov.

This year’s collection includes photography, painting, ceramics, mixed media and sculpture, created by newcomers to the event alongside more established and recognised names.

The entire exhibition is on display at Hastings City Art Gallery – Te Whare Toi o Heretaunga, and the list of well-known names includes the likes of David Trubridge, Jo Blogg, Jane Gray, John Eaden, Kathy Boyle, Wellesley Binding, Richard Brimer, Patrick Tyman and many others.

Exhibiting alongside the established are a group of up and coming creatives who are really starting to make a splash in the local art scene, and are demanding notice every time they make an offering. Putaanga Waitoa, Mauricio Benega and Dali Susanto are three such artists featured.

EAST 2020 will run until February 28, 2021.

For more information: www.hastingscityartgallery.co.nz

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  1. Take a real look and ponder Amanda Blewett’s cloak for a seat. Original, authentic, beautiful and poetic.

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