A handful of entitled irrigators in Central Hawke’s Bay are trying to cash in on HBRC ratepayers’ $20 million investment in the discarded Ruataniwha dam. Without paying the bill to HBRC for their investment.

This animated rendition of their scheme, courtesy of Wise Water Use – Hawke’s Bay, will entertain and/or upset you. WWU-HB urges you to contact your local Regional Councillor and ask that they support the call for the three Water Holdings Hawke’s Bay directors to pay their $382,956 debt immediately and in full.


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  1. Like the vast majority of ratepayer! We always pay our rates when due. We have never ever received any sort of discount from Council.
    Therefore, we urge you, Council’s elected members, to arrange to instruct the CEO, to actively pursue the recovery of this “debt” forthwith.
    David & Josephine Bosley

  2. Well, let’s read between the lines, shall we? Water Holdings HB is hoping that a National-led government will come to power next week. If that happens (which seems very likely right now) they will then magically come up with the money, one way or another, to re-start the Ruataniwha dam. Perhaps the Hawke’s Bay/Wairarapa National Party candidates can confirm if that is their intention? A simple yes or no will suffice.

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