February 2022 was the highest February on record for new car sales in NZ. BayBuzz heard this week that new car sales in Hastings were up 45% last month over the previous year.

And electrified vehicles – both battery electric (BEV) and hybrids (PHEV and HEV) – are helping set the pace, accounting for 21% of total sales YTD. And this is before the Government’s Clean Car rebates kicked in on 1 April.

NZ’s top ten selling electrified vehicles so far for 2022, listed here, account for 1,984 sales.

Tesla Model 3 BEV                             352

Honda Jazz e HEV                              291

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV      274

Toyota RAV4 hybrid HEV                  264

Toyota Yaris hybrid HEV                   213

Toyota Corolla hybrid HEV                166

Hyundai Kona Electric II BEV           132

MG HS +EV PHEV                                 110

Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid HEV          97

Hyundai Ioniq 5 BEV                             85

Utes continue to lead overall new vehicle sales, but as BayBuzz has trumpeted, wait until the Ford F-150 Lightning gets here! Beats the petrol (to say nothing of diesel) utes in every performance measure. Farmers and tradespeople will love them (Ford already sells the most utes), cutting down their fuel costs getting to the next anti-Government protest rally!


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