Pakipaki’s Jacqui Griffin was on a mission to plug a gap in the market for fashionable safety footwear for women, and she’s done it!

The former senior HR Manager, who has worked some of the largest organisations in NZ and Australia, explains: “The lack of suitable safety apparel for professional women is an unmet need, and a source of considerable frustration. 

“The lack of suitable apparel feeds into unconscious discrimination for women in industries we are attempting to encourage them into, so the brand represents more than just a safety shoe.

Jacqui Griffin and daughters

“While my male colleagues were able to easily purchase a pair of well-fitted steel cap shoes able to be worn between board room and manufacturing site, I was regularly forced to waste time changing from my ‘office shoes’ into unsuitable and ghastly work boots. 

“That these were ill fitting, and looked ludicrous with my outfit only added to feelings of embarrassment.”

Griffin decided that she was going to do something about it, and started exploring whether she could make and launch her own range. During her research phase she discovered the just-launched Xena Workwear range.

The brand is designed and manufactured in North America, originating in Milwaukee. Jacqui Griffin is the brand’s first international distributor. 

Griffin says she is excited to bring Xena Workwear to New Zealand, and is hosting a pop up on Monday 28 February at No 5 Golflands, 248 State Highway 51, Mangateretere, between 9:00am and 1:00pm.

“The pop up is a great opportunity for people to come and see, try and hopefully buy the shoes.”

The smart and stylish range includes steel capped boots and shoes in full grain leather. Check out the New Zealand range or for more information go to 

What: Xenaworkwear pop-up

When: 9:00am to 1:00pm Monday 28 February

Where: No 5 Golflands, 248 State Highway 51, Mangateretere

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