Our regional airport just released its 20/21 Annual Report announcing excellent financial news – a profit of $555k off revenue of $6.6+ million, both well-ahead of projections. In a obviously constrained air travel market (461,056 passengers, down, but also ahead of projection).

Those are the bottomline numbers, gratifying to the Napier and Hastings Councils who own 50% of the airport’s shares.

But this is no ordinary airport or Annual Report (download here). I suspect that the document itself will be read (maybe) by close relatives of airport executives and board members, the airport’s lawyers and accountants, and a few bureaucrats at the councils.

That’s unfortunate, because it describes an outstanding level of commitment to a much bigger picture – shuttling planes and passengers around, yes, but in the context of a major and authentic commitment to environmental sustainability, informed in part by a healthy dose of mana whenua involvement.

Throughout the report is evidence of progress on waste reduction, recycling, power consumption, solar farm, fuel use, water use, habitat management, green materials and construction. All capped by a commitment to operate with a net zero carbon footprint by 2030. With progress on that independently reviewed and verified as complying with demanding international standards.

Plus they have Bay Espresso, where passengers will be able to forgo a single use cup in favour of a lidded aluminium reusable, which they can return or exchange at any of the growing number of cafés participating in the scheme. Bay Espresso customers who do opt for a single-use cup will receive one that is carbon neutral, fully compostable, and made from FSC-certified paper.

An airport to be proud of.

Now we just need the hydrogen/electric planes to go with it … and they are coming, as BayBuzz reported here.

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  1. An interesting summary that I would not ordinarily see with the majority of local news being strained through the Auckland and Melbourne seive. Thank you Bay Buzz.

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