The Hawke’s Bay Compilation Record is coming! The HB Music Hub announced this week the selection of the ten (out of 39 submitted) original songs by local musicians, which will make up the album.

Selected by Mike Chunn, Lorraine Barry and Devin Abrams, the songs are:

Plains of Venus by Danica Bryant

Ciel d’Amour by Cashek feat. Lorenzo Pradel

Mr Entity by Arlo Mac

Silhouette by Daniel Munro

All That’s Left to do is Sleep by Arahi

Truth Stretching by Mia Sohnge

If You Knew What I Know by Joe Ledword

Button Blues by Kitty Day

Locked Out by Zonny.

The compilation – on vinyl! – will be released in late April, and only 300 records are being made. Fans of Hawke’s Bay music should keep an ear out by following the HB Music Hub on Facebook.

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