Royston Hospital has partnered with Hawke’s Bay DHB to deliver 200 hip and knee replacement operations over the following 12 months, as the demand for such surgeries continues to grow year on year.

The new public-private partnership agreement (worth more than $3 million), will provide a 25% increase in access to hip and knee elective surgeries for Hawke’s Bay folks, with the additional capacity for surgery meaning a total of 400 hip and knee joint operations will be performed electively in the region before the end of June 2021.

In previous years some joint surgery was outsourced, but without a formalised plan in place for those surgeries to be done.

“This agreement now gives people of Hawke’s Bay certainty in the number of elective hip and knee operations that can be done,” says the DHB’s chief operating manager Chris Ash, and fulfils the board’s objective for better access to elective surgery. (Currently wait-lists are long, with many waiting more than 6 months for treatment.)

And Royston’s general manager Denise Primrose says, “Our ongoing collaboration shows how we can successfully partner to deliver orthopaedic surgical capacity in our region” and gives not only certainty in a time of change, but “further strengthens our close working relationship with Hawke’s Bay DHB”.

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