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Official Media Release – Hawke’s Bay Airport

Ticketless parking lands to Hawke’s Bay Airport
Smart new licence plate recognition system to provide enhanced customer experience

Ticketless parking is coming to Hawke’s Bay Airport from the 26th of April, offering a significantly better experience for visitors and travellers.

Rob Stratford, CEO Hawke’s Bay Airport says smart licence plate recognition technology drives the new system, which will be very easy to use.

“We are very pleased to introduce ticketless parking as part of our ongoing operational improvement programme.

“Under the new system, it will be easier and quicker to enter and exit the carpark. The smart system captures licence plate details on entry, raising the barrier arm automatically. Lost or wet tickets will be a thing of the past, and there will be no more lost ticket fees either.

“On departure, customers enter their car licence plate details at the payment machines, which then calculate the fee. Payment options include cash or card at the payment machines, and payWave at the exits.

“The only thing that carpark users need to remember is their licence plate to pay, everything else is taken care of,” says Mr Stratford.

Licence plate parking systems are becoming commonplace throughout New Zealand. Locally, users of Napier and Hastings city parking will be familiar with the public licence plate parking machines now in use.

The airport will support the introduction of ticketless parking with an extended public information campaign across local newspapers, radio, social media, and signage at the airport. The airport’s ambassador volunteers will also be on hand to assist people if required.

“We realise that coming to the airport is not a weekly task for most people in our region, so we will make sure that as many people as possible are aware of the change to ticketless parking,” says Mr Stratford.

“With the new system barrier arms will rise automatically at entry and exit points which will reduce queues. And no longer will drivers have to extend an arm in the pouring rain to collect or insert a ticket. It’s a win:win.”

Current parking fees remain the same: Under 15 mins free, first 30 mins $3, first hour $5, and long term rates are unchanged.


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  1. It was the worst experience ever yesterday because some people had the tickets and the barrier arms wouldn’t go up!! So.. we sat there and sat there…. Hopefully it will improve?

    1. Hi Julia, I am so sorry you had a bad experience with the new ticketless system. This was the first day of operation and there were a few teething issues that we have resolved. Hopefully next time it will be a hassle-free experience for you. Thanks

  2. At the kiosk when leaving the airport car park you type in ur reg number and the fee will be displayed? Is that correct?

    1. That’s our understanding. Then system at gate ‘recognises’ your (paid) car by its plate.

    2. Hi Teresa, yes if you put your rego into the payment machines it will bring up the payment for your vehicle. Alternatively, you can drive directly to the exit where your number plate will be recognised and you can simply use payWave before you exit. Thanks.

  3. If it recognises your plate on the way in, why can’t it recognise your plate on the way out, that would save you having to manually punch your plate details in. I presume you still have to put your arm out in the rain to use the pay wave?

    1. Hi Sam, you absolutely can do this instead if you prefer. Simply drive up to the exit barrier and your number plate will be recognised and your fee displayed on the exit machine. Just use payWave and exit. Thanks.

  4. Hi can you please tell me what the fee is for all day parking is there a seperate area dor all day parking.Can you pay by eftpos as well. thanks

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