The mornings are frosty and we’re still keeping coats handy, but things ARE beginning to thaw, both metaphorically and meteorologically. Keep an eye out for the following certain signs of spring in the Bay over the next month or so:  

Asparagus showing up on menus and tables 

An afternoon walk on Westshore or Ocean or Waimārama Beach leading to a sane and realistic conversation about having a dip. 

The days beginning to stretch, so that now-familiar regional traffic crawl at the end of the day has more daylight to it. 

The promotion and preparation of the Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival. See Michal McKay’s article on the highlights on page 70. Check out for all the details and to book tickets to events. 

Central Hawke’s Bay’s annual Spring Fling. Head to for all the fun, frolicky events on offer throughout September and October 

The car being covered in pollen 

Lamb-spotting on your way to visit the yellow sea of daffodils at Taniwha, just south of Waipukurau. This year Taniwha Daffodils is open from September 2-17. See for details 

Happily taking an outdoor table for that end-of-week drink at Matisse (under the twinkly lights!). 

Goosebumps because you stripped down a layer in the brief mid-afternoon warmth, and now you have to back your decision. 

A deep-seated conviction about THIS summer being the season you’ll get into stand-up paddle boarding. Or mountain biking. Or waka ama. Or tramping. Sailing. Paragliding. 

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