PMs Ardern and Morrison have announced plan for a trans-Tasman Covid ‘safe travel zone’, potentially giving an international option to our Covid bubbles.

Each nation is the other’s largest source of international visitors.

The most direct benefit of this bubble merger to NZ would be for those cities that customarily take international flights, which of course doesn’t include Hawke’s Bay Airport.

So for us locals, the bigger opportunity lies in this chance to escape. But not until we have loyally explored (and spent money in) every nook and cranny of our Hawke’s Bay backyard.

My wife and I have only made one trip each to Australia in the fifteen years we have lived in NZ, which makes us true outliers. Meanwhile, we’ve been diligent about exploring HB. So I guess we’re overdue.

Which raises the multi-million dollar question: when might the trans-Tasman bubble be floated? Alas, no clear  answer. Here’s what the official announcement said:

“Such an arrangement would be put in place once it is safe to do so and necessary health, transport and other protocols had been developed and met, to ensure the protection of public health.”

Stay tuned!

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