Basketball Hawke’s Bay has announced that Tremains, through a three-year partnership, will be helping underwrite the cost of kids participating in youth basketball in the region.

Across Napier, Hastings and CHB a total of 258 teams, representing ages Year 1-8, are presently competing. 

Said Basketball HB general manager Tim Baker and chair Keith Price: “The cost of living is increasing for the wider community, placing families under financial strain, and the game of basketball is not immune.  Our sport is booming, demand is high, and kids are loving playing.  That demand brings with it pressure to deliver and like many other indoor sports, the cost and availability of venues is impacting on us as a regional sports provider.  

“Tremains, with a long and rich history of supporting our community … did not hesitate in supporting Basketball Hawke’s Bay, and in doing so will directly benefit the families and children that participate in and love the game.”

Tremains’ support will halve the fees paid by families for their kids’ participation in the primary and secondary school competitions. To an individual family, the savings will amount to roughly $36 per child playing. With inflation making family budgets tighter than ever, these savings are significant.

Tremains commented: “Our partnership symbolises more than just financial support; we’re investing in the future of our region’s sports and providing opportunities for everyone to get involved, regardless of their background or skill level. This initiative is a testament to our belief in the power of sport to unite communities.”

Tim Baker left general manager Basketball HB and Simon Tremain

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  1. Well done boys. What a great initiative to get young kids involved in sport. This is how you build for the future and wouldn’t it be great if councils considered these activities in determining facility costs that Basketball has to cover in order to keep operating. Thank you Tremains for getting in behind Basketball HB.

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