Convicted felon

Given our local focus, I don’t normally comment on US issues and politics.

But with the conviction of Donald Trump for 34 felony crimes, the situation there is extraordinary to say the least!

Here’s all you really need to digest …

Trump will remain the Republican Presidential candidate unless he voluntarily withdraws (yeah, right!). The Republican Party has no procedure (even if it had the will … yeah, right!) for replacing a candidate once he/she has won the requisite votes in the primary process. And no state can bar him from their ballot.

Trump can be elected as a convicted felon. Nothing in the US Constitution bars that. The only tricky question would be … would he actually serve from prison if he were so sentenced (with sentencing set for July 11 on these convictions and another state prosecution pending in Georgia). Totally uncharted legal turf over that one.

It’s assumed that a President Trump-appointed Attorney General would shut down the two federal prosecutions against Trump, but the Federal officials cannot block the state actions.

This NY Times report is the best succinct legal analysis I’ve seen (paywalled).

Trump of course immediately denounced the judge and legal process that produced his convictions. The more he stirs that pot — and stir he will — the more likely this election year will see violence. Anti-felonists will clash with Trump ‘patriots’ on the campaign trail, and if Trump is not elected, all hell will break loose, as we saw in 2020.

Will a Trump victory have any relevance to Hawke’s Bay? Cynically, I would say yes … valuable properties in the region will fetch stratospheric prices as wealthy US Democrats and Independents make their escape! Boom time for Sotheby’s and Bayleys.


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  1. The price of democracy
    Trump V Biden
    Speaks volumes for the American peoples? Land of the Brave Home of the Free. In God we Trust?

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