I expect to write just two more articles about Donald Trump after this one – all three celebratory.

This first one celebrates Trump’s departure from the Presidency, after presiding over the most shameful four years in American political, social and moral history. 

Trump boasts in his departure video that he was the “first President in decades” who started no new wars, yet he effectively deserted America in its battle against the coronavirus, thumbing his nose at a disaster that as of today has claimed more American lives than the Second World War. Only the Civil War cost more American lives than Covid-19 … and it’s possible even that loss will be exceeded. 

With respect to the war against Covid-19, Trump is a US war criminal.

Not to mention his unravelling of any and all US policies aimed at mitigating global warming, an even greater threat to billions of people (and our co-inhabitants on this planet).

So, with respect to the war against global warming, add crimes against humanity and Gaia as well.

My next celebratory Trump article will be the day the US Senate declares him impeached, confirming the Article of Impeachment that passed by the US House of Representatives. That will require 17 Republican Senators to side with their 50 Democratic colleagues. 

Might that kind of integrity (and balls) actually exist amongst Republican Senators, Trump’s former lapdogs? Omigosh, even outgoing Majority Leader McConnell has now accused Trump of inciting the Capitol riots. Let’s be clear here … Trump should be charged with sedition. His riot-day speech was just the last piece of a calculated strategy to undermine the election process.

Trump’s penalty upon the Senate’s guilty verdict will include being barred from further public office. Only a majority of Senators need levy that penalty. That penalty might be superfluous, as Trump will be consumed fighting for survival in the criminal and civil courts.

My third and final celebratory Trump article will be the first day  that Trump is convicted of a crime (to be followed by many similar days … guilty, guilty, guilty). There are so many crimes to choose from, and so many eagerly awaiting prosecutors and plaintiffs. But wait, he’ll file appeals (as long as his cash lasts). So, I might hold off on that article until we have the definitive photo of him wearing his new orange jumpsuit. Imagine … the only President to wind up in jail.

I do worry that upon conviction Trump might make bail, become a fugitive and make a getaway to some safe haven like Russia, Saudi Arabia … or Idaho!

Or maybe he’ll anchor his yacht in international waters, from which, with newly pardoned media ally Steve Bannon, he’ll launch his new online video network, Trump-et.

Will the story never end?!


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