Hastings and Napier councils are still taking the normal rubbish collection on their designated days.

Napier will also continue to collect glass, cardboard and paper and pick up plastic and tins, but they won’t be recycled, they’ll go to the landfill instead.

It’s suggested people store these items until normal recycling resumes rather than placing them in rubbish bags, as it will overload the system. The proviso is to wipe down the containers before and after they’ve been placed on the street.

Hastings will still pick up its orange orange bags, but has made the decision not to have its contractors pick up bottles, cans, paper and plastics because of the risk of handling.

The current Hastings contractor doesn’t have the right equipment so workers have to physically pick up recycling. That will change later in April when it a new contractor comes on board with hands-free collection.

It looks like business as usual though in Central Hawke’s Bay and Wairoa, where facilities remain open and roadside rubbish and recycling remain unchanged. In Wairoa, for the time being, you can use any kind of bag for your rubbish as long as it’s able to be tied at the top.

Napier, Central Hawke’s Bay and Hastings transfer stations and recycling centres are closed to the public, including the six rural sites. However, the Henderson Road and Black Bridge transfer stations remain open to account holding commercial users.

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  1. Hi Keith, apparently our recycling in Napier is getting picked up as usual, thanks Linda Axford

  2. But it’s not going to be recycled, it’s going to landfill. The challenge was to hang on to it until the recycling and landfill outlets are open again.

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