Three candidates will appear on the ballot for the Regional Council seat vacated by Rex Graham. However, one sought after the filing deadline to withdraw (which is not allowed, arguably to avoid politically gaming the election) and now says he has no intention of campaigning.

In alphabetical order, the remaining two:

Tom Belford — BayBuzz editor; two-term regional councillor; Board member, HB Future Farming Trust

Official candidate profile:

Voters shouldn’t need to guess where their next councillor stands on vital issues like water quality and safety, regional impacts of climate change or ensuring a sustainable regional economy. Nor trust untested or born again campaign promises from candidates just now discovering that HBRC exists. HBRC’s core mission is safeguarding our environment. With our environment well-protected, expanding prosperity in Hawke’s Bay can be responsible and sustainable – win/win. For today’s enjoyment and for our children and grandchildren. HBRC is presently steering a prudent course – putting the environment first, but in a balanced way. While Council performance can always be improved, I don’t want to see that direction compromised. With two terms of HBRC service and fifteen years covering regional issues as BayBuzz editor, my orientation is transparent. And I’m deeply informed. I will be ready and able to represent and work for you effectively from Day 1. No training wheels required.

Jacqueline Taylor — owner, Te Mata House venue; Board member, SPELD NZ, Life Education Trust

Official candidate profile:

I believe the sustainability, health and well-being of our environment, our families, our communities, and our businesses must be in balance. My diverse business experience, commitment to education, and environmental passion combined with being a small business owner, board director for Life Education Trust and SPELD NZ, will bring new value and leadership to your council. My finance-sector knowledge will be used to ensure the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council spends your rates wisely. I want our community to be well informed and educated about our environment, changes to it, and how we can better care for it. I would like to make sure our treasured Te Mata Peak remains accessible to all, preserved and never threatened, and enjoyed by many. As our region continues to grow, I am committed to ensuring Hawke’s Bay becomes a well-balanced and sustainable environment for present and future generations to enjoy.

Joe Walding-Karaitiana — Parliamentary MP Support staff, Anna Lorck

Not campaigning.

Voting papers will be mailed 19-24 August. Final voting day is 10 September.

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