The HB Disaster Relief Fund approved pay-outs totaling $601,678.00 to a further 88 applicants last week.

Following those payments, $925,000 will be left in the fund, while an additional $350,000 payment from Red Cross also expected in the coming weeks.

The trustees are the Mayors of the four Hawke’s Bay Councils, plus the Chair of the Regional Council, Hinewai Ormsby. It was put in place in February to support individuals and community groups that experienced hardship and loss resulting from Cyclone Gabrielle, including financial loss.

The Red Cross said in an April press release that funds have been allocated for things like replacing home contents, clothes and furnishings as a result of flooding and assisting with small payments to compensate for lost income. The fund can also be used to pay for waste removal and other health and psychosocial support activities. The Red Cross’ contribution to the Trust can also support costs that are not covered by insurances or other agencies, the statement said.

The total amount paid out from the Trust is $7.1 million, including $2.32 million that was paid to local councils for $2,000 grants paid to yellow and red stickered properties.

A council spokesman said that as of Tuesday July 4, the fund had received $2.7 million from the Red Cross. Other contributors to the fund include organisations such as Fulton Hogan ($500,000) and Stuff ($950,000), which represent larger donations, with many more smaller donations.

The Red Cross has noted that contributions to the fund also came from Buttabean Motivation ($100,000 grant), Ngāti Pārau Trust ($70,000 grant) and Esk Valley Community Hub ($45,000 grant).

In total there have been 5,837 applications to the fund, with 4,270 approved. Grants totaled $4.8 million and total pay-outs total $7.1 million.

The Disaster Relief Fund and Regional Council Chair Hinewai Ormsby said the fund would continue to distribute money donated to the region, but the need was still great.

“We encourage anyone that can to make a donation to the Relief Fund. We know there are still pockets within the region that could use additional support. Any donation to help these people would be most appreciated,” she said.

Donations can be made at or by texting GIVE to 2923 to donate $3. Terms & Conditions apply. Applications continue to be accepted. To check the eligibility criteria and to make an application, go to

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