Hawke's Bay Airport. Photo: Florence Charvin

Hawke’s Bay Airport has created an additional 44 carpark spaces – available from next week (w/c Monday 13 March) – in response to unprecedented traveller demand in the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle.  

Rob Stratford Hawke’s Bay Airport CEO, says that the airport’s carpark is almost full to capacity every day. 

“With road connections to the north badly affected, and alternative routes south adding many hours to journeys, more people are travelling by air. That in turn has increased demand for parking at the airport. 

“We are very mindful of the challenge, and are applying short and longer term solutions to improve carpark capacity and alleviate pressure. 

“Immediately we will move some of the rental carparking to another location. This will give us an extra 44 spaces for visitor and traveller parking straight away. Longer term, the carpark will be extended in line with existing plans, and we hope to be able to bring that work forward, subject to being able to secure a contractor for the earthworks.” 

Mr Stratford is confident the changes being made to the carpark will support the extra need but offers some advice for those coming to the airport in the short term. 

“Please consider carpooling if travelling with a colleague or friends, or asking a family member to drop you off. Pre booking a taxi or shuttle service is an excellent option and those travelling with a backpack can cycle and park in the Willis Legal Bikeport. 

“We hope airport visitors understand that we are moving as quickly as we can to create more capacity, and that they in turn, will do what they can to support us at this time of huge demand for parking services at the airport,” he says. 

With this change, Hawke’s Bay Airport will have 542 carparking spaces across its P120 and Main carparks, taxi and shuttle services, and secure under cover cycle parking for up to 12 bikes. 


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  1. I wonder what it would take for Regional Buses to factor in a regular pick-up and drop off service on some routes? Would this facilitate cheaper/greener options of leaving and returning home, or as alternative link transport to other destinations?
    Why would it not work for a regional airport as for city airports around NZ?

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