As you’ve probably already know, a solar system very similar to ours has just been discovered about 5000 light years away.

When we heard that Auckland astromers Jennie McCormick and Grant Christie were part of the discovery team, we called them with a special request. We asked if they could take a closer look at the planet most like Earth and give us a report.

What they discovered is astonishing!

On this planet is a large island closely resembling New Zealand. And on this island they’ve found a small beach city called Lowebeachia. We know the name from a huge flashing neon sign on the 4-lane highway to the beach itself. Indeed, it was this flashing sign that first caught the attention of astromers around the world.

“It appears to be a vibrant community,” said Ms. McCormick. “We can see thousands of sunbathers head-to-toe on a narrow strip of sand. Horse trekkers are weaving through them. An unbroken line of four-story condos hugs the beach. The traffic build-up waiting to get to the beach doesn’t seem much longer than four kilometers.”

It looks like nowhere in the universe is safe from you know who!

Here is a first-ever photo of what appears to be a rural conservation zone at Lowebeachia. Please keep in mind … this is the best resolution possible from 5000 light years away …

Tom & Mark

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  1. We revisited Ocean Beach last Wednesday, and were struck once again by the sheer beauty of this area. It is such a treasure not only for us as locals, but for visitors, and most of all for future generations . Why does anyone even consider making this area another subdivision, with all the problems this brings!!

    We say, no to any development. Have some respect!

  2. Why do we even need houses thear? if someone wants a house by the beach, then move to waimaz, or haumos or mahia or somewhere that already has houses because ocean beach is one of the only beaches around HB where it isnt populated very much! KEEP IT THAT WAY!

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