By-election is now history. ‘Non-candidate’ gets 2,361 votes. ‘Nuff said for now.

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  1. I am still disappointed that the resignation of the Chairman of HBRC did not result in a vote by all Regional Council ratepayers. I had no vote and enquired as to why not. It was explained to me that the (arcane in my opinion) rules meant a Chairman had to be elected by the remaining Council members. This is different to the District Council rules governing elections. The fact that the election papers were not amended so as to remove the candidate who effectively withdrew seems to me ludicrous.
    I congratulate the newly elected member of HBRC. At the same time I regret not seeing the knowledge, wisdom and vast experience of Tom Belford being a part of that Council.

  2. Acknowledging what a hard worker you are. I am deeply sorry you never made it Tom, we will all be the losers.
    For that, I sincerely believe some of the endorsements names, in particular, the sexist comments made by one “supposed” supporter? Yeah right! Was hugely responsible for your very own demise! All best wishes.

  3. I thought her pre-election pitch was bland and naive by comparison. Intellect and experience is not an essential qualification to be elected to council.

  4. Elections NZ should really review this voting process moving forward. This is Stone Age material by leaving a candidate in there due to section XYZ.
    Disappointing to see there is 2,361 uneducated voters.
    I know how hard you worked on this campaign Tom. Don’t give up the fight!

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