I just had the opportunity to view the media briefing given by Prime Minster Ardern and Climate Minister Shaw on the recently released recommendations of the independent Climate Change Commission.

Neither could contain their enthusiasm for the report; neither indicated anything in the sweeping recommendations that would give them heartburn.

In fact, as Shaw commented, the independent and massive evidence base developed by the Commission would present a formidable challenge if the Government or any advocate proposed to do less.

The briefing lasts about 25 minutes and is well worth your time if you want a glimpse of where NZ climate pathway is headed.

As Shaw noted regarding taking strong action on global warming using available technology, past generations didn’t know and have the technology … and future generations won’t have the chance.

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  1. i’d be more upbeat about the CCC report if it were truly open-ended. it isn’t. the whole exercise was framed by the govt’s already-announced targets, and the CCC was not brave enough to dare go outside its brief. so while, very arguably, it *may* provide a pathway to deliver the govt’s agenda, it does not adequately address the crisis of climate change. it’s a placebo. we’re still falling….

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