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We’ve received heaps of requests for a print version of BayBuzz from area residents who would like to get our “take” on local issues, but who don’t prefer to go online for such information.

BayBuzz Digest is published monthly. Its content reflects the “best of” our online issues-focused content, adapted to print, plus new features on HB arts, culture and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the limitations of print mean that we can’t get our issue information and commentary to you in as timely or in-depth fashion via BayBuzz Digest as we can on the BayBuzz website. Nor will you have at your fingertips the online tools that let you immediately express your own views and opinions.

But hopefully, if you see something in BayBuzz Digest that really stirs your interest, you will take advantage of the additional content and “Take Action” features on

If you would like to receive BayBuzz Digest in the mail, send your name and mailing address to:

P.O Box 8322
Havelock North 4157

Or, email your mailing information to us at:
We look forward to having you as a regular reader in the BayBuzz community!

If you’d like to advertise in BayBuzz, email us at

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