As far as Councils’ business is concerned, 2008 starts out in low gear … most official meetings won’t begin until February.

Which isn’t to say BayBuzz is asleep at the switch.

During January, we’ll be expanding the BayBuzz blog into a full-fledged website, adding features that will enable readers to interact, to access information on the issues, and to take action on issues you care about. And more promotion to build our audience.

We’re also planning to increase our coverage of regional issues. Our core ongoing areas of coverage will be:

  • Environment — protecting the #1 asset of the Bay
  • $Money$ — looking closely at how and why, and how well, Councillors spend your money, and how closely their spending matches your priorities
  • Health — assessing the role of the District Health Board in ensuring the quality of our health care here in the Bay
  • Accountability — investigating who our elected officials are listening to on occasions when they appear to be ignoring us

We’ll try to cover these issues — and more — with our customary blend of serious inquiry, pointed irreverence, and plain fun.

Coming up …

  • More on Ocean Beach
  • Mayor Yule’s sustainability initiative
  • Hastings and Napier wastewater un-treatment plans
  • Ducking Hawke’s Bay water problems
  • Sam’s regional sports park & Barbara’s new museum
  • Build it and they will come … outraged residents, that is
  • Dare you get sick in Hawke’s Bay?
  • Occasional kudos for things Councils get right
  • Later on … 2008 elections

And a bunch of made-up news and interviews to make you smile, then wonder.

If there’s something you think BayBuzz should investigate or write about, we’d like to hear from you. Please let us know at or

We hope to inform and entertain you in the coming year.

Tom & Mark

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