Adult Toy Mega Store has announced that sales of sex toys to Havelock North have rocketed up by 401% comparing May 2019 to May 2021, scoring the village the biggest growth of any market in the country.

By comparison, growth nationwide was a puny 48%.

However, Napier and Hastings were not to be out-toyed. In terms of overall sales nationwide, Napier ranked 9th, Havelock North was 14th and Hastings was 20th. Proof again that size doesn’t matter.

BayBuzz columnist Jess Soutar Barron is claiming full credit for the Hawke’s Bay sex toys boom.

Her column – Touchy Subject – in our March/April BayBuzz magazine clearly hit the – um, spot, stimulating thousands to explore what she termed “self-lust”!

“My article gave permission,” Jess explained. “After my column appeared, I immediately began to see many more smiling faces around town, and the occasional knowing wink! I knew I had touched a nerve.”

As Jess wrote at the time, “Maybe it’s the best way to find calm in turbulent times. Mindfulness be damned; flicking the bean could be the key to mental respite.”

Our readers got the vibe. With this BayBuzz mental health endorsement, Hawke’s Bay’s repressed responded enthusiastically.

Influence for our advertisers to consider!

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  1. The commercial fall-out from the article leaves me wondering at the condition of Havelock North males in general. Perhaps, to paraphrase Dr Hook, “They are stoned and missing it.” Current social research would indicate a trend in that direction.

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