I try to maintain some political involvements in the US, but had no idea of the power I might actually hold. This video will show you.

As you contemplate the impact you might have on the election here in NZ, watch the video to appreciate just how important each and every vote will be.

Keep in mind that the video — personalised for each recipient — has been sent to every one of the four million members of MoveOn, a key Democratic-aligned grassroots lobbying group in the States. For those of you interested in how the internet is shaping political campaigns, this “viral” video is a great example. You can bet that it will be forwarded to many, many millions more voters before election day.

I’d love to hear your opinion. While a section of it might not be to everyone’s taste, do you think this would be a powerful “get-out-the-vote” approach in New Zealand?


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    Lets leave it to the individual to build the nations capital,

    The bridges, road and ports, the schools and institutions

    To make it easy we’ll not tax your pay at all.

    O nanny state it is not within your constitution

    To regulate.


    When a greedy businessman gets very rich

    By making little children very sick

    From mixing melamine in baby’s milk

    Then we can call in nanny state

    To regulate

    When the banks have all gone bust

    And there’s no-one you can trust

    With your money, then you must

    Call on nanny state

    To regulate

    The market’s been so free

    It is hard for you and me

    To bail out the fat cats in the city.

    So we must call on nanny state

    To regulate.

    When your grandma sits in poo and is not upon a loo,

    In a private rest home close to you

    Then blame the carer who

    Is nearly in despair at wages of ten dollars for an hour,

    O, call on nanny state to regulate

    Regulate, regulate!

  2. I thought the regulate, regulate comrades were the communists. It is strange to read a complaint about poison that was put into food in Communist China, as though it was lack of power to nanny state.. Come back Mao, all is forgiven? While they are not perfect, I'd rather take my chances in a free market, thank you very much.

    It is so easy to put up straw men and to knock them down. Should all roads be privatised? I don't know anyone who advocates that. Can state/private partnerships work to everyone's benefit at times? They have in Australia and other places.

    As far as schools are concerned, the issue is not whether or not the state can help with funding for education, it is whether parents should be forced into a one-size-fits-all or pay taxes, pay fees for another school and pay gst on top of that. Let the funding go with the child to the school of the parents'choice. And don't tell me that only rich people want choice or that people who run alternative schools do so to get rich. Isn't it strange that socialist of socialist Sweden set up a voucher system for education and still has it twenty years later. They seemhappy enough with it. What's differnt about NZ?

    Clever poetry though, Marie!

  3. The article written by Tom Bedford on Yule and Arnott pandering to voters was a real downer in an otherwise worthy publication. As an owner of a log burner I totally object to being told that I can't have a log burner by 2013. My log burner is cleaned by an approved registered qualified chimney sweep at least twice a year. Once in February and again midway through the year if it needs it. I do this not only for the environment but also for insurance purposes. Rather than denigrate the stand taken by the two mayors one should congratulate them on saying a loud vorciferous NO to yet more loony legislation no doubt brought in to keep the Green Party happy. It is also good to see the mayors in accord. Too often in the past this has not been the case. So I say well done to Mayor's Yule and Arnott. Well said. It is time for less government and less interference in our daily living.

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