Looks like summer might be here!

Make sure you check on the healthiness of your favourite swimming spot before you jump in. It’s easy to do.

Every Monday from November through until the end of March 2022 the Regional Council tests water quality at 39 of the region’s top swim spots to monitor how safe it is for the community to swim.

Results on all 39 sites are posted here.

With a hot weekend on hand, as we write 9 locations are listed as ‘Unsuitable for swimming’ (e.g. Esk River) and another 9 are listed as ‘Caution advised’ (e.g., Pandora Pond, various Tukituki River). ‘Unsuitable’ is pretty clear.

‘Caution advised’ means: “Water quality usually suitable for swimming, but young children, elderly or those with compromised health may be at increased risk. For lakes and rivers that are routinely monitored for potentially toxic algae – this site exceeded the surveillance criteria when recently tested.  Avoid contact where potentially toxic algae is present.”

That’s almost half of sites having warnings, to some extent reflecting that water quality is generally adversely affected after significant rainfall.

Hmmm … why might that be?!


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  1. What about the air quality Tom? Anyone looking at the 400% increase in toxic pesticide usage in the region, and the attendant cancer increase in HB? .. No, though not :-(
    Hmmm… why might that be?!

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