The live export ship Anna Marra is expected to arrive at Napier Port this Saturday, March 12.

In 2017, nearly 64,000 sheep suffered from heat stress on the ship, sailing under its previous name Awassi Express, killing over 2,000 animals on a delivery to the Middle East. Video taken aboard the ship – aired on ’60 Minutes’ – captured the horrific conditions for these animals. Watch at your peril.

Sheep transported the Awassi Express

Animal welfare advocate Debra Ashton, SAFE CEO, says no animals should be exported, especially not on this ship.

“It’s bad enough that the live export trade has grown over the past year, while the trade is meant to be winding down. But at the very least, death ships like this should not be used.”

MPI figures show 134,722 cows were exported from Aotearoa last year, compared with 109,921 in 2020 and 39,269 in 2019. NZ has not had a live export of sheep since 2015.

Thankfully Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor has confirmed the Government will continue with its plans to ban livestock exports by sea from 30 April 2023.

I’m not sure where in the moral code book it says treating animals this way is OK.

Napier Port processes livestock exports regularly (13 ships in 2021, none on this ship). It’s hard to imagine that Port officials are terribly proud of this cargo (not featured in the Annual Report) … and it can’t matter much to the annual bottom line. 

So, Napier Port, why wait until 2023 to exit this business?

BayBuzz has covered this issue previously — here and here.

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  1. A disgusting practise, they don’t need to be standing in their own excrement for the duration of the trip, and looking at the mouths hanging open, not enough fresh air on that ship. Humans wouldn’t last long if put into an area like this, fighting for food and hopefully some water.

  2. Pure greed from the exporters. Animal cruelty at its worst. Why have a vet on board if they do nothing about these distressed animals? Surely there were too many animals and not enough room for many to get to the food and water which was not replenished.
    Truly disgusting. Napier port – shame on you for. Ring party to this cruelty and greed

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