It seems that Dilbert has been investigating recent change management practices in Hawke’s Bay.

Hmmm … where could he have been looking?

Tom Belford

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  1. Good News for Hawkwes Bay and Cranford

    Keane has Gone!!!!!

    Finally a proper "Change to Management"

  2. After all the grief this man has inflicted and the fact that Director of Nursing and HR have stood beside him and in effect condoned comments like 'this is not a democracy'.THEYmust go too!

    To those brave/dedicated few who have worked so hard to show the community how distructive this man has been to Cranford and OUR community.THANK YOU.

    A new day has dawned!

  3. Can DHB now tell staff and ex-staff why this man was'allowed' to interview staff for positions( the same staff that had months earlier taken a Personal Grievance against him,and won) for roles in the temporary Cranford? Needless to say they failed to get a postion.

    Will change management be tranparent and honest into the future?

  4. Barry Keane Gone – what brilliant news, how this man has been able to create such destruction for such along time is dispicable.

    Barry Keane has single handedly ruined Cranford Hospice. Barry may your management career be over, you should never be allowed to manage people again.

    This is a great day for the Hawkes Bay community, may we help our beloved Cranford Hospice to heal and reopen to provide care for those that need it.

  5. The Cranford bus is getting a new driver – hopefully the new driver will believe in democracy, free speech, be respectful and value the contribution that loyal employees of all disciplines have to offer.

    Comments like "you just don't get it" will be a thing of the past, because Barry – WE DID GET IT. It appears you didn't.

    Bye Barry.

  6. Three down and one to go. It would be very satisfying to have a clean sweep before the first month of closed doors for" in" patients has passed.

  7. Yes, Jean, you are right: It is "three down and one to go" but I have a feeling that the last one will self destruct in the absence of supporting bullies. More of a whimper than a bang?

  8. The prayers of many people will be on the way to being answered with the latest update from the DHB,and with the restructuring of the Hospice being in the hands of our elected mayors and elected representatives of the DHB. along with community based Medical representatives. I like it!

    The PSEC does get a mention.

  9. …though I do want to know who is actually in charge of Cranford on a day to day basis at the moment – Sandra Sanderson?

  10. I re-iterate, will DHB now tell staff and ex-staff why Barry Keane was on the interview panel interviewing staff for positions in the temporary Cranford? a large number of the staff who signed the letter outlining some of the issues which were eventually raised in the Tass audit, and some of whom had months earlier taken a Personal Grievance against Barry,and won. Needless to say these staff failed to get a postion.

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