I received an email this morning from a BayBuzz reader, which included this:

“I enjoyed walking along Karamu Stream in Havelock North walkway last week and the restored stream banks until I came to opposite Anderson Park and saw 12 cattle beasts in an unconstrained paddock beside the stream. No fencing even electric. They had worn down the bank and were obviously crushing it to get to water. A shame.

Regional Council said it was being taken up at a higher level. So much for wet bus tickets.”

As I replied to him …

One might ask: If the HBRC can’t keep cows out of the Karamu Stream in the middle of Havelock North, how will they ensure that ‘best practices and environmental protections are enforced over 25-30,000 hectares of ‘intensified farming’ after they’ve built a dam in CHB?

Tom Belford

P.S. Over 75 readers have endorsed my proposal that the Regional and Hastings Councils, in their respective LTPs, provide live web streaming and online archiving of full Council and major committee meetings. Let me know by Tuesday if you support (see my post explaining) and I’ll add you to my LTP submission.

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  1. It's times like this I wish I still owned the Havelock North Village Press..we would've been all over a story like this !

    Now all we have is that flaccid organ " Hawkes Bay Yesterday ( Today ) which has limited coverage on anything that requires effort..fair makes me want to start up another publication.

    Keep up the good work, Tom…even though you must feel like you're a voice in the wilderness sometimes ?

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