As reported earlier, the DHB has established a process to review governance issues and options for Cranford Hospice and recommend a structure for the future. The key issue to be decided is the future role, if any, of Presbyterian Support.

A specially-appointed review panel – Cranford Governance Development Group – has been appointed to conduct further consultation, review options and make final recommendations to the DHB and PSEC Boards. Per a recommendation tabled by Kevin Atkinson on behalf of the elected DHB Board members, the review group will also “consider the skills and community representation required by members on any new Cranford Governance Board and identify and recommend the names of potential members of this new Board.”

Reflecting pressure from elected DHB Board members, the review panel, to be chaired by current DHB Commissioner, Sir John Anderson, has strong community representation. Its members are:

  • Representing the DHB Board – Kevin Atkinson and Dr David Barry
  • Representing the wide community – Mayors Yule and Arnott
  • Representing PSEC – Michael König and Michael Bate
  • Representing the medical community — GP Jonathan Eames and nurse Laureen Sutherland (who is operations manager for Anglican Care)

The DHB Board will act on the recommendations at its 21 July meeting, with announcement of the new governance arrangements by 23 July.

Tom Belford

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  1. My Wife and I hold David Barry in the highest Regard.

    Our association goes back many years when David was looking after our Daughter as her Pediatrician .

    What a wonderful Person and a great choice for this role.

    Congratulations David and well done the appointment Committee.

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