An important message from Cycling Advocates’ Network (CAN):

For many Kiwis the distressing deaths of two cyclists in the Wellington region on Friday 19 June have highlighted the need for New Zealand’s roads to be made safer for people already cycling or wanting to take it up.

There are Government strategies and programmes to promote cycling and cycle safety, but we haven’t seen many changes on the street yet.

The Cycling Advocates’ Network (CAN) is running a campaign to get its 9-Point Plan for Cycle Safety adopted by the Government.

Here’s the Plan as presented in the campaign petition:

Petition to: Hon Annette King, Minister of Transport & Minister of Police; and Hon Harry Duynhoven, Minister of Road Safety, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand

Recent cyclist fatalities in New Zealand have shown that we need better infrastructure and behaviour on our roads.

I support the Cycling Advocates’ Network (CAN) 9-Point Plan for Cycle Safety.

I want to see New Zealand’s national and local government do the following things in the next two years:

1. Run a national Share the Road promotional campaign telling motorists and cyclists how to co-exist safely on the roads.

2. Change transport planning and funding processes to make sure key problem areas or gaps for cyclists (e.g. Ngauranga to Petone cycleway, Auckland Harbour Bridge) get fixed – no more long delays or buck-passing between various organisations.

3. Spend less on road building and more on encouraging alternatives to driving: more motor vehicles on our roads only make things less safe and attractive for cycling.

4. Promote the use of lower speed zones (particularly 30km/h).

5. Change the tolerance for motor vehicle speed limit enforcement from 10km/h to a maximum of ten per cent of the posted speed limit.

6. Increase the walking and cycling budget in the National Land Transport Programme by a factor of five.

7. Change funding and audit processes to make sure that all roading projects improve the environment for cycling.

8. Change the driver licensing system and driver instruction (including bus and truck drivers) so motorists are educated about how to take care around cyclists.

9. Fund and promote nationwide roll-out of cycle skills training for children and adults.

Sign the e-petition at http://www.ipetitio NZCycleSafety/

Visit http://www.can. for more information about the campaign.


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