Disaster response in a container

‘Every community needs to be prepared as if no one is coming’ is the operating mantra of EPOD and Kooga directors and owners Lizzie and Guy McPhail.

EPODs (Emergency Resilience Pods) are purpose-built fully customisable emergency container pods – ‘resilience containers’ – built to withstand tough conditions and designed to be placed in high-risk environments prone to the effects of natural disasters such as flood and landslide zones, coastal and rural areas, and earthquake regions.

EPODs can include the latest emergency equipment, such as critical infrastructure and tools, generators, satellite devices, water filtration systems, medical kits, food stocks and other necessary supplies.

Lizzie told BayBuzz she and Guy saw a need for people to be better prepared in the wake of natural disasters and drew on their own expertise and experience in product manufacturing and sourcing to find a solution. It was this ability which came in handy when developing and designing the EPOD.

Lizzie said EPOD was founded on the belief that every community deserved to be prepared for emergencies, no matter how remote or vulnerable.

“In the wake of natural disasters and other unexpected events, it’s essential to have a reliable source of shelter, food, and supplies.”

“The significant increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters has highlighted the need for effective emergency response strategies,” Lizzie said. “We are seeing a real drive for people and organisations to have their own resilience plans … The EPOD provides the foundation for this.” 

Prior to Cyclone Gabrielle, the McPhail’s had 25 of the original pods on-site at various locations.

“Since the cyclone, there has been a surge of interest and demand, and we are working with a range of clients and developing solutions to suit each individual need. The cyclone also highlighted areas of greater need and resource, so we have continued adapting the EPOD to meet the changing requirements.”

“EPODs are easily transportable and quickly deployable. There are no limitations with delivery and placement options from road and rail to boat and, if needed, helicopter.”

“We believe our innovative solution to emergency preparedness and resilience will positively impact communities and future emergency responses.”

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