Over the next few weeks BayBuzz will assess the creativity, efficacy and all-round billboard craft of as many local body campaigners as we can. As always, our judging will be candid and subjective.

Our first entry comes by way of Hastings District Council candidate (Hastings ward) – Bruce Bisset.

  • * Bisset has been blessed at birth with an alliterative name. The double “B”, a coincidental yet veritable marketing advantage with great retention value.

* Green is the new black – hence a prudent campaign colour.

* “A Strong Fresh Voice.” Interesting slogan. If Bisset is elected, BayBuzz isn’t sure whether to expect a debut solo album, or a new line of mouthwash.

Summing up, one infers a left-leaning stance, which is underscored by the lack of tie, and feral yet cosy crop of facial growth. The billboard conjures up an image of a kindly proletariat, who enjoys watching Country Calendar while chomping through a generous plate of cave wetas.

BayBuzz will bring you more billboard reviews as they pop up. Happy campaigning!


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