From left: Alexi Faulkner & Adam Greville (Douglas), Emma Horgan-Heke (Environment Centre), Stephen Sinnott (Douglas)

The Hawke’s Bay Environment Centre needs funds to re-locate and expand its services.

Douglas Outdoor & Textile Innovation have come to the table, generously offering 5% of their revenue for the next four weeks to support the Centre.

Douglas’ co-owner, Pete Swinburn, believes that business must play a role in supporting a sustainable Hawke’s Bay. “The days of selling stuff and letting the end result become the consumer’s problem are quickly disappearing. While none of us are perfect, ourselves included, if businesses are in a position to do something then we really must.”

Hopefully other HB businesses will take this as a challenge and do their part.

“Alone it would be hard, but together we could easily raise this sum,” says Swinburn.

Individuals can donate too, right here, but helping the Centre raise $150k will require some bigger guns to join Douglas Outdoor is standing up for the consumer-focused services the Centre offers and that we can all benefit from.

Here’s BayBuzz’s previous reporting on the excellent and important work of the Centre.

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  1. The environment centre also has a ‘give a little’ page. Would’ve been useful to have the link with the article.

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