Helen Clark, Prime Minister: Future of Farming in NZ

PM Helen Clark recently visited Hawke’s Bay and commented extensively on NZ farming and the food sector. Ms. Clark did the following video interview with BayBuzz.

We’ve broken it into six segments for readers with slower internet connections!

Just click the appropriate link to see Helen Clark address each question:

1. Does farming in NZ really have as rosy a future as Helen Clark (and John Key) portray? Click here for response.

2. Is Labour’s “Fast Forward” agricultural research initiative simply a “gimmick” as John Key says? Does NZ have the talent base to achieve the innovation Clark says is vital to NZ’s future farming success? Click here for response.

3. What does “clean, green” really mean as it applies to NZ agriculture and food exports? Click here for response.

4. Are we pushing dairy farming beyond a sustainable level, at the expense of water quality and other adverse environmental impacts? Click here for response.

5. What should farmers ask themselves before voting in this year’s elections? Click here for response.

6. Do financially stressed Kiwi consumers need some kind of government relief from rising food prices? Click here for response.

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