Get rid of your hazardous waste

The HazMobile is returning to Napier and Hastings and residents will be able to safely dispose of their hazardous waste, such as garden sprays, car oil and fuel, cleaners, paints and chemicals.

A registration system will allow people to make a booking to make a drop-off.

People will be advised of the collection location once they have registered. Making the event by registration enables the councils to manage the day effectively and process the waste items efficiently.

During the registration process, people will be asked to list the hazardous goods they are bringing for collection. Only the listed goods will be accepted so people are advised to think carefully, and check their sheds thoroughly before registering.

On collection day, it is very important that hazardous materials are transported to the HazMobile safely. Containers should be in good condition with lids fitted tightly and kept upright and secured when moved. If you have a leaking container, put it into a bucket with a lid, and label containers clearly to help the person receiving the waste.

Liquid wastes will not be decanted, so people need to bring containers they are happy to leave at the collection site.

Once at the HazMobile site, the material will be handled by trained staff and either recycle or destroyed using the appropriate methods.

If you are unsure about what can be collected, the councils’ websites feature lists of what will and won’t be taken by the HazMobile.

The HazMobile returns on November 26. To book go to either the Napier City or Hastings District council websites, search #HazMobile and complete the online booking form.

Or bookings can be made by calling Hastings District Council on (06) 871 5000 or Napier City Council on (06) 835 7579.

If people don’t book they won’t be able to use the service.

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