Last week we featured Project DO LESS, started by Alexandra Tylee and George Miller, which aims to help you lessen your footprint on the planet by taking small actions in your everyday life. You’ll be hearing from them regularly on BayBuzz in the future.

Meantime, here’s another ‘blueprint’ for everyday green living … this one offered by BayBuzz reader Jan Speeden at Millstream Gardens.

Jan urges us to change our habits, again through small actions that become freshly ingrained. “Action is the antidote to anxiety and despair. One  ‘theory’ is that we can change our habits if we stick with it for three weeks. So here’s the challenge, starting with the easiest habits to change, food and waste food … The idea is that if enough of us make small changes, together we can make a big change.”

Jan’s suggestions go from food to ‘stuff’ to packaging, water, transport, gardens and more … some pretty basic and easy, some a bit more demanding.

Here’s the full list … have a go!

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  1. If you use the eco settings on your washing machine and dishwasher, you need to run them occasionally on a regular or hot setting to keep the machine internals clean.

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