Statistics NZ has just released population growth projections out to 2048, indicating that Hastings will have the highest growth in our region.

Hastings district’s population is projected to grow 16% from 2023 to 2048. With a current population of 81,537 (per 2018 Census), that would mean a population of 94,583 in twenty-five years.

Central HB is next at 11%, Napier is 10% and Wairoa is 4%.

Using those projections, Hawke’s Bay would be home in 2048 to 183,453 people.

The three NZ population growth leaders will be Selwyn (47%), Waikato (43%) and Queenstown-Lakes (38%).

The national growth average is projected at 18%, with Auckland’s 25% growth delivering the biggest absolute numbers.


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