As announced Friday, here’s the list of projects funded for our region out of the Government’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF).

Especially fitting to announce on our first Matariki national holiday is this first one.


$400,000 for public toilets at star compass site at Waitangi Regional Park 

Napier City Council

$700,000 for visitor shelter and facilities at the Iron Pot Waka Hub

CHB District Council
$372,400 for Rongomaraeroa Marae wastewater system connection
$107,900 for upgrades to Pourerere Beach Reserve carparking and beach access, water supply, viewing platform and signage
$63,507 for a dump station at Takapau
$194,250 for enhancements to toilets and signage at Otaia/Lindsay Bush Reserve carpark

Total: $738,057

Wairoa District Council – topping the charts!
$106,080 for upgrade of Oraka public toilet facility
$106,080 for upgrade of Nūhaka public toilet
$498,000 for upgrade of Wairoa Camping ground toilet facilities
$66,000 for installation of Big Belly Bins

Total: $776,160

Said Tourism Minister Stuart Nash: “I want to congratulate all of the successful applicants in this round of funding. The TIF plays a key role in helping to support infrastructure that many small towns and districts cannot afford by themselves. Since 2017, the TIF has supported more than 200 projects totalling $91.3 million, which have improved the quality of tourism infrastructure for residents and visitors alike.”

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  1. My challenge to HBRC is to see if they can build a set of toilets for less than $400k??!!
    One of the issues we have in New Zealand is HOW we we carry out projects. Try to concentrate on delivering a valuable outcome, rather than becoming immersed in the PROCESS

    1. Hi Sam, the primary reason the cost is so high is that there is no reticulated power to the site, which is a significant proportion of the project costs. Solar is not being used in this instance because the project will also provide high load mains power to the site for public events. The marquee site, used by hundreds of people this week to celebrate Matariki, is currently serviced by diesel generators. HBRC could not fund this without most of the costs being met by the TI Fund. Given the popularity and cultural significance of the location I am confident that this initiative will deliver good value and complement the ongoing restoration of the site from its former eyesore and dumping ground, to a source of community pride and high amenity value.

  2. As a postscript, ‘process costs’ of project management and design equate to 7.6% of the project cost, consents 0.7%, power connection 39%, water connection 13%, effluent disposal system 5% and the toilet block 29%.

    James Palmer, HBRC CEO

  3. Good question by Sam as $400k surprised me. Good answer by James power alone 39%. Great work HBRC on Waitangi Park ongoing betterment. Congratulations on TIF central government funding!

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